Companies looking to achieve superior performance levels and returns from IT investment implement strong enterprise methodologies with technology initiatives. Leading on premise packaged enterprise software such as SAP R/3, Microsoft  Dynamics Suite, Oracle Applications and PeopleSoft Suite when implemented enterprise-wide can help realize significant benefits in cost and improved performance over short periods of time. Early Cloud Based (Saas) Solutions such as Microsot Azure, Workday and have revolutionized the way global workforce can collaborate for efficient functioning of small, medium and large corporations, by leveraging the reach applications across an organization with security and role-based access. This has lead to the introduction of major players such as SAP HANA, Oracle Cloud and IBM  Cloud into the market to transform data access, and improve decision making by exploiting Big Data, Process Automation and Business Intelligence to the maximum extent.

On Premise or Cloud Based applications offer immense advantages to an organization only when implemented upon Robust Architecture with proper Customization. Customization based on Process Mapping, Blueprinting, Fit/Gap Analysis, Business Process Management / Optimization and Implementation. Vertigon Consulting incorporates such a time-tested approach to help clients generate greater value owing to our expertise on several platforms. We offer a complete set of implementation services on complex integrated platforms including Banking/Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Human Capital Management and Manufacturing.

Our structured approach for implementations follows…

  • Gap analysis of where you are with your systems/operations and where you would like to be in the short and long term
  • Development of Roadmap and Business Cases for improvement by applying Best Practices
  • Detailed bench-marking of processes, organization, information, and technology that pertain to the designated functional areas
  • Documentation of requirements and action needed to improve performance and reduce costs
Package Implementation/Upgrades
  • Transition and integration of applications within functional areas
  • Implementation of system with designated best practices
  • Upgrading existing system to required specifications
Post-Deployment Diagnostic
  • Review of application and processes
  • Recommendation of process changes in relationship to future changes in service delivery
  • Review of updated best practices and how they apply to current system and operations