The Vertigon Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Solution, is our flagship product, currently being implemented at Fortune 50 customer locations in the USA. Decision making from intuition or just gut feel lacks replication, predictability and scale of successful outcomes—and decision makers seek methods and processes to leverage data-driven, fact-based decision making.

Spreadsheet tools like Excel normally emerge as a stop-gap measure on the road to Business Intelligence. However, the inherent flexibility of spreadsheets is a double-edged sword, enabling data massaging at will on the one hand. But also leading to lack of data integrity on the other – with a simple transposition error, or when a sum formula misses a row, or eventually multiple versions of the truth emerging when team members working on a common project argue over who’s data is ‘more accurate’. Questionable reliability ultimately leads users to distrust the data and seek alternate solutions. Spreadsheets are powerful tools which should complement decision making solutions, but put decision making at risk when pretending to be the system of record.

Decision makers recognize their need to graduate from spreadsheets and leverage a more strategic technology tool in order to access more data, more timely and with greater integrity. Executives, Managers and other Decision Makers also seek automation solutions which allow them to spend less time retrieving and compiling historical information and more time analyzing information that supports their most pressing business initiatives, allows them to better plan for the future, quickly identifies areas that need attention and systemically delivers the insight to contribute to improved decisions. Consolidating data into a central system is an analytics Best Practice in order to achieve a system of record and avoid inherent problems associated with disparate and redundant data, including potentially conflicting data or multiple versions of the truth. Information doesn’t need to be delivered in real-time as much as it does in right-time.

Vertigon Software as a Service (SaaS) BI is the ideal solution when IT resources are scarce, budgets are tight, capital expenditures are unrealistic or you seek a Proof of Concept to validate the solution. Our SaaS Analytics Solutions excel where business requirements are straight forward, data sources are relatively contained and management wants to go deep within particular domain areas. Our SaaS Analytics are extremely popular for functions such as Website Analytics, Interactive Analysis, Reporting (Dashboards), Data Mining and Forecasting. Out software technology enablers are necessary to transform raw data into business insight.

Smart businesses are pursuing every available opportunity to maximize performance and minimize costs. Vertigon Cloud BI Solutions offer a timely and cost-effective resource for businesses of all sizes to maximize their business potential while minimizing costs. Cloud BI is the most simple, cost-effective way for an organization to get all the components needed for data access and integration, analytics, reporting and dashboards– all available in hosted environment with pay-as-you-go economics. Cloud solutions provide powerful and flexible business insight, but are faster, easier, and less costly than custom “behind the firewall” solutions. Customization and changes to the reporting and analysis tools can be handled by end users with limited, if any, use of IT resources. Subscription pricing ensures that customers pay only for what they need, as they need it – so the customer retains financial control of the project and maintains the flexibility to scale up as their needs expand. Because the customer’s solution is running on a shared infrastructure, this increased financial control and flexibility comes with lower ongoing costs.

To achieve these key business benefits we provide organizations the following key functional components of Business Intelligence: • Multi-source Data Capability• End-to-end Business Intelligence Capabilities: Data Discovery • Dashboards • Reporting • Multi-dimensional analytics • Mobile BI • Alerts and Notifications • Scalability • Automation. The rewards of greater business insight, improved efficiency, higher productivity and lower costs make this a winning strategy for businesses of all sizes.

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