Automation in all industries is growing and Vertigon Consulting is right at the middle of it, continuously learning and adapting to the needs of our clients in deploying successful robotic processes. We build upon our strength in creating business processes for enterprises and applications, allowing us to accurately perform Robotic Process Design & Solution Design for automation. Our robotic processes are vigorously tested in a control room prior to release into the Production Environment.

Vertigon Consulting has significant knowledge of what is needed to build a successful RPA Practice, being able to coordinate with multiple stakeholders (Businesses, Sponsors, Business Analysts, Technology, Development, Legal, Audit, Tax, Compliance, Vendors) due to knowledge of the Development Lifecycle). Vertigon bears significant experience with Quality Assurance of processes, translating into successful creation of test plans, as well as testing and preparation for move into Production.

We recognize the constant changing of business elements as a dynamic property and the need for business processes and rules to be versatile enough to take these into consideration. Our expertise lies in creating adaptable and reusable automation frameworks that can be rolled out to multiple business units/subsidiaries while drawing from a centralized rules and process engine that provides a common foundation. Thus allowing stability, scalability & parallel execution of bots for superior efficiency Our foray into Process Automation with RPA tools started by working with Automation Anywhere, UIPath and more recently on BluePrism. Vertigon has created Business Processes using Automation Anywhere and UIPath for pdf integration along with entering them automatically into Enterprise Applications. More recently, we have started working with BluePrism gaining exposure to its wide-range of tool sets. Vertigon Consulting RPA Delivery Plan:
  • Process study: Understanding processes and their rules; Optimizing processes; Preparing artifacts like PDD and SDD
  • Process maps designing, as required
  • End-to-end coding with business rules to achieve good productivity benefits or Fulltime employee benefits or AHT reduction for some processes
  • Testing the developed process
  • Moving to production with support
  • Resolving the production issues
  • Conducting POC based on process feasibility for RPA by examining the application through technical assessments
Vertigon Consulting RPA Expertise Development of Standards, Creation of Business Cases, Project Prioritization, Creation of Centers of Excellence, Ramp-up process for Controllers responsible for running/monitoring the BP Control Room; Coordination with Governance Steering Committee, Business and Technology, Status Reporting RPA Projects Handled:
  • Automation of data transfers including importing and exporting data between applications or files
  • Mainframe, Windows, Web Application and Surface Automation
  • End-to-end Process Automation
  • Creation of access control interfaces
  • Automated routine backups
  • File management tasks and maintained centralized systems for backup, security, and resources